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Getting great pictures of athletes in action is no easy feat, but I'm proud to have taken the pictures on this website. I work to capture the peak moments of competition and love the challenge of sports photography.

Here's how this website is laid out. Sports photos are organized by sport -- basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, etc. Choose your sport, then pick the appropriate age/school (Varsity, JV, Middle School.) From there, you'll find all the games where I have taken pictures. Click that link to enjoy the game. My contact information is listed below.

You may purchase prints or the actual digital image. By purchasing the digital image, you may print as many copies as you like, make enlargements, put it on a digital photo frame, or make it the background on your computer desktop. Post the photos on your Facebook page or Twitter account. Few things make me happier than seeing one of my images as a kid's profile picture on facebook. It means your athlete loves the image as much as I do.

I am available to shoot your son or daughter's next big game. You pay a flat fee plus travel expenses. After the game, I will provide a CD with the photos I took during the game. Typically, it is hundreds of photographs. I also am available to shoot for individual school athletic departments. Please ask about the day rate for that type of service.

Rick Dayton
(412) 487-5352 -- home
(304) 939-0332 -- cell

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